Full membership and tuition costs per child are detailed below:

Family Membership/Registration Fee:   20€ (this fee contributes to social events throughout the year)

Course Fees:

KS1, KS2, KS3:  49.50€ payable in 10 monthly instalments

*IGCSE:  495€ in 10 monthly instalments of 49.50€  (this fee includes 5 additional classes during school holidays)

Fees are payable by cheque in monthly instalments.  We ask that you provide all 10 cheques upfront.

We offer a 20% discount for second and subsequent places.

If you need to leave Accents and we can find someone to replace your child then we will refund the fees outstanding.  However, if we are unable to fill the place then we are unable to refund the fees.  This is because we have already to committed to working our teacher for a full year.

* please note that the costs for the iGCSE tuition does include the cost of examination entry fees.

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