Key Stage 1

The English National Curriculum is divided into ‘Key Stages’ which are broadly aligned to particular age groups and the general ability of children in each age group to learn and retain written and spoken language.  However, all the stages share a common focus on the core skills of speaking, reading, comprehension and writing with particular attention being paid to spelling and grammar.

One of the great advantages of Accents is that our small class sizes enable each child to work at their own pace and our teacher to identify the particular learning needs of each child.  If a child has specific difficulties we take time to diagnose the problem and, with the help of parents, support the child to overcome this.

Throughout all the Key Stages parents have a vital role to play in encouraging their children to speak, read and write English and all Accents children are regularly given small pieces of homework to be undertaken with the support of parents.

Children who join Accents at Key Stage 1 are generally aged 5 - 7 years old.  At this stage they will typically enjoy being read to at home and may have started to recognise key words in books and also in the world around them.

Since Accents began in 2008, we have used the ‘phonics system’ to help children recognise key sounds and sound patterns in the English language so that they can begin to decipher words and simple sentences.  In common with the majority of UK primary schools, we use a range of materials (workbooks, stories, and games) provided by Oxford University Press, which are specifically designed to support children’s English language development using the phonics system.  These materials enable children to make systematic progress both during Accents classes and at home to ensure that they can recognise and reproduce all the key phonics sounds whilst also identifying common ’exceptions” (words like ‘said” and ‘the’) which do not fit the standard pattern but which are essential for understanding basic texts. 

During Accents classes children will also be encouraged to hold a pencil correctly and practise forming letters and writing words.

As children progress through Key Stage 1 they will develop their ability to read and write basic but increasingly complex sentences, recognising and using the basic elements of punctuation (e.g. capital letters and full stops).

Children are encouraged to borrow books from our library and parents are encouraged to read these books to and with their children.

For more detailed information about the national curriculum key stages click here.

For more information please feel free to contact us so we can arrange for you to talk to our teacher.

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