"My two boys aged 11 and 9 joined Accents a year ago.  As we had just arrived in France it was all a bit overwhelming.  Going to Accents gave them confidence and they have met some lovely friends.  Every week they are excited to go and see their friends and show their homework to each other.  I have  also noticed  that coming to the class every week has helped them with their reading, writing and spelling.  I hope as they continue to learn they can later choose to get a qualification in English which will be recognised all over the world and in turn will benefit them later in life".

E Van-Ackeran, June 2019

"Accents has been a fantastic experience for my two girls.  My eldest daughter took her iGCSE English Language exam last year and was awarded an A grade, a year earlier than she would have taken it in the UK!  The preparation, guidance and teaching that both of them have received for the iGCSE English has been exceptional.  They have both enjoyed their time at Accents, have made lots of new friends and have been able to continue their English education, reading, writing and comprehension.  Thank you, Val, and all the team at Accents!"

L. Setchell, May 2019

"Daniel and Emily started at Accents in September 2013 when they were nine and ten.  We had been living in France for almost four years but realised that in order for them to be truly bilingual, their standard of English had to be as good as their French.  Although we spoke English at home and they primarily read in English, they had finished their English education at the ages of six and seven and gaps were starting to appear in their vocabulary and knowledge.  

From their very first day, Daniel and Emily were made to feel welcome and enjoyed the classes immensely.  The work was varied and current and Val made sure that it was interesting for all the children.  They read books from the UK recommended reading lists and worked from the UK curriculum which helped them expand their vocabulary.  

There were plenty of opportunities for social interaction with the other English children which was great for them.  It helped build their confidence and gave them the opportunity to relax and enjoy chatting to friends in their native language.  

In the spring of 2017 the children travelled to Saint-Colomb-de-Lauzun and sat their iGCSE English exam.  They were by far the youngest children sitting the exam and passed with flying colours.  They were the first children from Accents to sit the exam and we were incredibly proud of them and grateful to Val for all of her help and coaching.  

In summer 2017 we made the unexpected decision to return to the UK.  I decided on the school that I wanted the children to attend in the UK and applied via the local authority.  The school were understandably nervous about accepting two children who they saw as ‘foreign students’.  I was able to prove to the school that they had kept up with their English language and were in fact at the same level as the English children who were studying the same curriculum. 

The children started at their UK school in September 2017; my daughter is in year nine and my son in year eleven.  This essentially means that my son has had to fit a two year GCSE course into one year.  He is sitting his exams in May and June and is expected to do well enough to enter the schools sixth form.  

Both children have settled into the UK school system extremely well and I truly believe that this is in no small part due to Val and the Accents team.  If you think that in any time in the future your child will want to enter the UK education system or the UK workforce then it is imperative that your child’s English skills are kept at a par with their French and I honestly can’t think of a better way to do it than to enrol your child at Accents. 

We are extremely grateful to Val, Dawn and Debbie for all of their hard work and support over the years and are pleased to count them as our friends". 

Nicci Brown 2017 

Accents was crucial in maintaining my child's level of English when moving to France.  The teachers are competent and encouraging and the program they follow is excellent.  As we could not find any similar offering in our area, we travel quite a bit for classes every week. However, the effort has really paid off in that my child continues to be fluent in English, and moreover, progresses.  Finding a class with other native English-speaking children was also very important for us."

K Johansson

“After moving back to the UK my girls have settled into school very well.  They are both in the classes they should be and have not been held back.  Amma in particular has excelled in her reading abilities. I feel that she would be much further behind if it hadn't been for Accents.  The teachers are very happy with their progress.  I am very glad that the girls attended Accents and I feel that it benefited them both education wise and socially.  I would definitely recommend Accents to anybody with school aged children that would like to maintain a high level of English literacy”.

Gina DS

"Thank you again for teaching Miles and Milly - it has been a really important part of their education that will make it much easier for them to fit back into the UK system.  If Milly hadn't had the help she needed from Accents to start her off reading in English she wouldn't have had the language knowledge she needed to pass her Verbal Reasoning element of the 11+ so it really has been brilliant"

Jane Taylor-Lowen

"When our daughter first started school in France she felt stupid and lost all her confidence due to the lack of language skills.  But since attending Accents she has come on leaps and bounds and is now a very confident out going little girl.  Attending Accents was a great help with her getting to grips with the French language as she could transfer her English literacy skills.  We are extremely proud of the fact that she is always in the top 3 or 4 of her class at school and is doing extremely well at Accents too.  So thank you Accents".


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