what is accents?

Accents is not a business!  We are a not-for-profit association registered in France under Loi 1901*.  Associations like Accents benefit from generous allowances (no professional taxes etc) but they also have to meet strict financial criteria.  So as an Association, Accents is owned by its members and no profit can be taken out of the organisation (although individuals can be employed by the association).

We work with an excellent and experienced teacher but this in itself is not enough to keep Accents running, and we rely on the active involvement of parents for our continued success.  Parent volunteers make up our Admin Team who look after the day to day management of the association.  There are currently 3 parent volunteer roles - President, Secretary and Treasurer - and elections are held every year to fill these positions.  We also encourage parents to help throughout the year - an hour or two here and there really can make all the difference!

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What We Offer

At Accents we believe that keeping up our children's English matters.  Our goal is to give children here in France a head start by offering a complete learning experience using the latest resources and methods from the UK.  Our courses cover:

  • speaking
  • reading
  • writing
  • spelling
  • grammar
  • comprehension
  • developing varied writing styles (from poems to reports and instructions).

Class sizes at Accents are generally limited to a maximum of 10 and children as young as 5 can join us.  Your child's Accents journey can take them as far as they want to go - right up to GCSE level!

Our Future Plans

Our main objective is to ensure that children who attend Accents have the opportunity to maintain and improve their level of English language.  We are also keen to explore other avenues and in the future will look to develop our role in the Franco-phone community by supporting students who wish to learn English.

*  Our legal status: 

Date of Declaration:  31 May 2007

Identification:  WALDEC:  W862000764

Declared at the sous-prefecture at Montmorillon

© Copyright Accents Association.
Accents is a non-profit organisation registered under  "Loi 1901"