As parents, most of us have moved to France to give our children a better childhood and to enhance their future by becoming bilingual.  Having said that, to make the most of the opportunities they will have as they grow up, we need to ensure that they continue to develop their English alongside their French.

Children who join Accents come from many different backgrounds and have many different experiences.  However, what they all have in common is that at least one of their parents is a native English speaker and/or that English is one of the languages spoken at home.  That said, our children come from a variety of countries.  Some may have been born in France and only ever been educated in the French school system.  Some may be as young as 5 years old and just beginning their formal education.  Others may have moved to France well after they had started school; learning to speak French and cope with the demands of the French education system as well as maintaining and developing their English language skills.

Whatever a child's background, Accents is committed to helping each individual child maintain and develop their English language skills to a level equivalent (and sometimes superior!) to that of their peers in the UK.  We want to ensure that our children 'keep up' and become truly bilingual: in that they can speak, read and write English with confidence.

The most important thing on joining Accents is that children have a level of concentration and maturity to cope with a structured learning environment.  Generally children are 5 before they come to us.

Children can join at any level and we offer an initial assessment with our teacher to determine their level of English and the most appropriate course for them.

Our Future Plans

Our main objective is to ensure that children who attend Accents have the opportunity to maintain and improve their level of English language.  We are also keen to explore other avenues and in the future will look to develop our role in the Franco-phone community by supporting students who wish to learn English.

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