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7 September 2019

Don't Forget - La Rentrée!  

The first Accents lesson in September is on Wednesday 11 September at 1.30 pm.

We're looking forward to welcoming all students back to class.

If you'd like to find out more about Accents please get in touch or pop along to one of our classes!

27 August 2019


All three of our iGCSE students passed their English Language exam with flying colours!  Fabulous result.

Well done to James, Asher and Dillon for all their hard work and commitment.

This is the third year running that all our students have passed their iGCSE English Language exams.

Couldn't be prouder!

23 July 2019

Farewell and Keep in Touch!

Good luck to Asha, Dillon, Joseph, Matty, Keir and James as they leave Accents and go on to pastures new.  You've all worked so hard over the past year and deserve lots of success in the future.  Keep in touch and come back and tell us what you've been up to!

21 July 2019

The Accents Summer Event - What a Day!

We all had an amazing time at the Accents summer party - and the weather was glorious!  Thank you so much to Tia Malcolm and Ester from Vintage Ice for making such a special effort for the Accents children on Sunday.  We all loved the ice cream and you are so right - no one should go through life without experiencing a Mr Whippy!  

10 June 2019

iGCSE Group Give it All They've Got!

The theme for one of the iGCSE exam papers this year was all about adventure - and whether or not today's young people have lost their sense of adventure.  Well this lot certainly haven't!

Our very own intrepid adventurers pulled out all the stops at their iGCSE exams last week.  Dillon, James and Asha travelled down to the Dordogne twice to sit the two iGCSE English Language papers.  Here they are pictured on the journey back - full of smiles and relief that it's over!  They will have to wait until the end of August before they get their results and we wish them the very best of luck - they certainly could not have worked any harder!

6 June 2019

Accents Annual General Meeting - 2019

The Accents  'Assemblée Générale' (Annual General Meeting) will be held on Wednesday 26 June at 3 pm in Meeting Room 1 at the rear of the Mairie in Civray town centre.

All parents of Accents children are welcome!

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