iGCSE English language

The English National Curriculum is divided into ‘Key Stages’ which are broadly aligned to particular age groups and the general ability of children in each age group to learn and retain written and spoken language.  However, all the stages share a common focus on the core skills of speaking, reading, comprehension and writing with particular attention being paid to spelling and grammar. 

One of the great advantages of Accents is that our small class sizes enable each child to work at their own pace and our teacher to identify the particular learning needs of each child.  If a child has specific difficulties we take time to diagnose the problem and, with the help of parents, support the child to overcome this.

Throughout all the Key Stages, parents have a vital role to play in encouraging their children to speak, read and write English and all Accents children are regularly given small pieces of homework to be undertaken with the support of parents.

Accents has been running the iGSCE programme for 3 years.  All 7 children who have taken the exams so far have passed, with most achieving the equivalent of A or B grades.  A further 3 students have just taken their exams with results expected in August.

Children who are enrolled in our iGCSE programme must be a minimum of 13 years old and have been in the French education system for at least 3 years (exam centre requirements). 

At this stage, their peers in the UK would be completing Key Stage 3 and embarking on a 2 year programme of study to prepare for their GCSE in English language.  However, here at Accents, we recognise that our children live in an ‘international’ context and for this reason we have chosen to offer them the opportunity to study for an international qualification in English language. The Edexcel International GCSE Language A programme is provided by PEARSON in the UK and is designed to provide children with the opportunity to study English language texts from all over the world.  An additional advantage is that Accents children are able to sit their exams at a PEARSON accredited examination centre just a few hours away.

The iGCSE programme generally lasts 2 years (but in certain circumstances a child can take the exams earlier). If you are interested in enrolling your child for the iGCSE programme our teacher will carry out an assessment of their current language skills and advise on whether or not your child would benefit from the full 2 years of study.

It’s important to be aware that, unlike their UK counterparts, Accents children generally sit their iGCSE in the BREVET year at collège (3ème), so a year earlier than in the UK.  We have found through our experience that Accents children are generally ‘ready’ to sit their exams at this stage and that this enables children to make the transition to Lycée having completed their iGCSE studies.

Although the BREVET year is a busy and demanding year for our children, we find they manage well and we can give advice of how to negotiate with your child’s collège to avoid conflict in exam timetables and minimise stress.

Fees for the iGCSE course include:

  • 30 class based sessions during term-time (on Wednesday afternoon each week).  Classes last 1 hour 50 minutes.
  • 5 additional sessions during the school holidays: with dates set in advance and generally the first Wednesday of each holiday.
  • All course materials, including key texts.
  • All preparation modules.
  • The opportunity to meet face to face with our teacher to discuss progress.


  • Children must travel to an accredited examination centre to sit their iGCSE exams.  The nearest centre is St Colomb de Lauzun.
  • There are two written examinations.  The exams are sat on different days but several days apart during the same week in early June.  Information about dates is generally available in early January.
  • Children must be enrolled to sit the exams.  The deadline for enrolment is generally the beginning of March.  Again, information about this date is generally available in early January.
  • The fee for the exam in 2019 was 150 euros.

Important information

  • Parents are responsible for enrolling their child(ren) to sit the exams and for organising transport to and from the exam centres.
  • The fee for sitting the exams is paid direct to the exam centre and is NOT included in the fee for the Accents study programme.
  • The programme is demanding and children are required to attend all classes and complete some assignments at home.

For more detailed information about the national curriculum key stages click here.

For more information please feel free to contact us so we can arrange for you to talk to our teacher.

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