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Accents is not a business!  We rely on the support and commitment of parents in order to ensure our continued success.  Three of our parents look after the day to day running of the organisation - a President, a Secretary and a Treasurer.  These three roles are crucial and Accents could not operate without them.  Each year parents can stand for one of these roles and everyone else will vote for the person they think would do a good job.  We do have specific 'job' descriptions for these roles but generally we look to use the skills and experience of the parents involved as best we can!

As things stand the President role is the figurehead of the organisation.  This role generally involves dealing with paperwork, communicating with parents and other organisations, liaising with our teacher and ensuring that everything is in place to enable Accents to operate successfully.

The Secretary is responsible for marketing, PR and organising social and other events.

The Treasurer looks after the money side of things - invoicing, processing fees, taking payments for trips and outings and looking after the balance sheets.

As a team we are all responsible for maintaining the organisation and looking at ways to take Accents forward.

As well as our three official roles we are also very keen to involve other Accents parents if at all possible.  There are plenty of opportunities to help with public and social events, sharing ideas or resources and distributing leaflets.  Even something as simple as telling your friends about Accents is really important - our parents are our ambassadors!

If you would like to find out more about our parent volunteer roles please contact us.

President:  Janet Coulson

I moved to France when my children were 12, 10 and 7 and although I knew they would receive a good education here, I didn't want them to miss out on learning valuable skills they would have gained if we'd stayed in England.  Being bilingual is a wonderful gift and will open all sorts of doors for our children as they grow up, but for me the opportunity to continue developing their English language is just as important as learning French.

At Accents they can do this in a welcoming, fun and challenging environment.  My son James is 15 and passed his iGCSE English Language in June 2019 - being able to do this has boosted his confidence and has given him the chance to see that he is also talented in English as well as French!  He studied for 2 hours per week for one year instead of two and passed the exam a year earlier than he would have done in the UK.   He couldn't have done this without Accents. 

I think Accents is an invaluable resource and in September 2019 I took over as President.  I am  particularly interested in raising awareness about what we do and promoting Accents within the community to ensure it continues to thrive.

Treasurer:  Joanne Thackery



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